Passenger Auto Insurance

Passenger Auto Insurance

Passenger auto insurance is an essential part of owning a car. from basic liability auto insurance (which satisfies each state’s financial responsibility requirements) to collision and comprehensive coverage, we can sell you robust passenger auto insurance for less.

Types of Passenger Insurance

Liability Insurance

Liability auto insurance pays for bodily injury or property damages you cause another party. 

Not all liability insurance is created equal and you must make sure your liability auto insurance policy meets your state’s minimum financial responsibility requirements in order to be driving legally.

Property Insurance

This type of auto insurance protects your vehicle and the personal effects therein (as well as those of your guests) from property damage. property damage insurance will never pay bodily injury damages, or satisfy your financial responsibility requirements.


Collision auto insurance reimburses a vehicle owner for repairs due to property damage inflicted by any type of collision. Collisions include any impact between two vehicles, a vehicle and a roadside object, or a vehicle and the earth (roll overs).


Comprehensive property insurance reimburses a vehicle owner for repairs due to any of the perils or ‘potential sources of damage‘ listed on the policy. Comprehensive property damage insurance excludes collision damages as peril because collision damages are so frequently reported, they warrant a separate policy.

Some common perils listed on comprehensive auto insurance policies are as follows:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Anarchy
  • Many More…
Passengers Auto Insurance Policy

SR-22 Safety Responsibility Insurance

SR-22 filings and SR-22 certificates are known as ‘Safety Responsibility’ policies. These policies demonstrate more than proof of current financial responsibility– they are designed to demonstrate future proof of financial responsibility. This means that these policies offer a double redundancy to the DMV which allows the state to monitor the state of your financial responsibility insurance.

In other words, an SR-22 is a short leash that gets yanked back the moment your policy lapses, and informs law enforcement of the delinquent nature of your insurance status.

SR-22 Certificates

We offer affordable SR-22 filings. This means that we provide a free quote on what your SR-22 auto insurance policy is going to cost you, and we file it for you with the DMV at no extra cost. We’ll even inform you a few weeks before your policy lapses to give you a chance to keep your insurance up to date.

Safe Driving Methods

Bundled Insurance Options

Bundled insurance packages take auto insurance and homeowners insurance from the same company and combine them into an even more affordable insurance policy.

Motorcycle insurance policy options

Motorcycle Insurance Options

Motorcycle insurance is just as important as auto insurance, and you are just as legally responsible for purchasing some (unless you live in Florida).

Vintage & classic motorcycle insurance

Classic Car Insurance Options

Classic car insurance protects your collectible vehicle in a way that regular auto or motorcycle insurance cannot...

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