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Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance protects your collectible vehicle in a way that regular auto or motorcycle insurance cannot. With special consideration for policy options, vehicle valuation, and claims, our highly specialized vintage vehicle insurance policies

Collectible & Vintage Vehicle Insurance

Agreed Upon Value

This is essentially what separates "high value" policies from auto insurance that is designed specifically for custom or classic vehicles.

When you purchase a classic car insurance policy from SkyBlue and one of our affiliated auto insurance providers (McGraw, Foremost etc.) you choose a property value dollar amount and discuss it with your insurance carrier ahead of time. That way if your vintage vehicle is declared a total loss, you don't end up with a check for reimbursement that is way below 

Aesthetic Improvements

This type of coverage is specially designed to provide protection for changes to a vehicle that are not considered functional (such as a paint job, exterior air conditioiner, or neon under-lights).

If your equipment or treatment is damaged in any way this coverage reimburses you for repair or replacement costs up to a specific dollar amount. 

Unlimited Use Clauses

Many classic car insurance policies include a limitation of use clause. This means that even though you bought and paid for your vehicles yourself, you are not allowed to use your classic or vintage vehicle for commuting to work or any other non-recreational drive and still receive benefits in the event of an accident. 

With our classic auto insurance you're allowed to drive your car when you want, and where you want, just like god and Henry Ford intended. Read below for more information about car shows and your classic car insurance policy.

Accessories & Apparel Coverage

This protection is for accessories which may be part of your vehicle. The apparel portion is primarily for vintage motorcycle policies and protects riding leathers as well as helmets and other safety apparel by reimbursing riders for lost, stolen, or compromised safety apparel. 

Event & Car-Show Coverage

Many classic car insurance providers include clauses which state that you must be present at the time of an accident in order to claim reimbursement for it. This is a problem when you take your vehicle to special events or leave it parked in high-traffic areas.

With our classic and vintage vehicle insurance, you can take your baby to any collector car show or concert you desire without having to stand around all day making sure no one touches it. Let's face it, if you can't enjoy your ride, what's the point of doing so much to protect it?


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